Monday, November 2, 2015

Post Halloween Sale $5.00 Covers YEP! You read it right. $5.00 Covers

Safari Heat is having a sale that runs Nov. 2nd-Nov.19th.

All Halloween covers are on sale for $5.00. The sale covers will be marked with a red X. But there is... a little... catch. To get the $5.00 price you need to spend $15.00 or more on covers. You can do that anyway you want as long at it's cover art.

If there isn't an X in front of the title then they are $10.00. All covers without the X are $10.00.

You can earn a free cover for sharing. So share away. I will give you a free 10.00 cover or two $5.00 covers but you must spend $15.00 or more to get the free covers.

One more thing I need to let everyone know. I am working on a deadline for my publisher and that it is taking up a lot of time. So I will not be able to get to these probably till the middle of Nov. But with that said if you have a deadline then let me know and I will try to figure it out with you. I would hate to lose your business.

These covers won't last long at this price so hurry!!! Here is the link to the Premade Cover Page.

You can contact Carey if you have any questions.  ( Please send an email. Do Not Leave Comments etc. I may not get those soon enough. Direct email is the best way to get ahold of me.

Happy Shopping,
Carey Abbott

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