Monday, November 13, 2017

Flames of Desire Valentine's Day Blog Hop

Prizes to be Give Away
Grand Prize
New Kindle Fire HD
NYT Bestselling Author Angela Knight-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Debra Webb-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Fosterr-Magnet
NYT Bestselling Author Laura Adrian-Book Mark Set-Ten to Give Away 
NYT Bestselling AuthorLori Foster-Prize Pack
NYT Bestselling Author Tawny Weber-Signed Book-Three Copies
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Wendy Corsi Straub-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Magnet
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Magnet

NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Magnet
NYT Bestselling Author Jesse Hayworth-Signed  
NYT Bestelling Author Jesse Hayworth-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Jesse Hayworth-Signed Book- Two Copies
NYT Bestselling Author Elizabeth Boyle-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Elizabeth Boyle-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Elizabeth Boyle-Signed Book
NYT Bestselling Author Lori Foster-Tote Bag

NYT Bestselling Author Jennifer Ashley-Prize to be Determined
NYT Bestselling Author Michelle M Pillow-Prize to be Determined

Authors Blogging 
1. JS Wayne
2. NYT Bestselling Author Angela Knight
3. NYT Bestselling Author Tawny Webber
4. Tracee Gardner
5. Kenn Dahl
6. Linda McLaughlin
7. Jenny Gardiner

As I get more info I will be adding pictures of prizes and links to each author.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Flames of Desire Valentines Blog Hop Author Sign Up Page

Valentine's Day Hop

February 5th-11th

Cost" 25.00 Per Author
This helps cover my fee, Kindle and shipping.
You can pay with the button to the right. Then email me that you signed up. 
Or send it to my paypal at

NYT Bestselling Authors Blog for Free

Latest sign up date is February 1st.

All blog post need to be about romance or Valentine's Day. Then you are welcome to promo.

The sooner you sign up the higher up you will be on the hop page list of authors. Not to say if you aren't on the top you won't get traffic. But the top authors usually get more traffic. But all my authors in the past have been very happy with the traffic even if they were the last one on the hop page. 

Post need to be up by 12am on the 4th. If you blog often then I will need a direct link to your post. Readers get frustrated if they have to look for the post. If it will be on your home page and will be there for the duration of the blog then I just need your blog link.

I will check all links the day of the hop. If your post isn't up I will contact you to try and fix the issue. If I haven't heard from you by the end of the day on the 5th then your blog link will be deleted and no refund will be honored. Readers get confused when they find a link and no post. Readers have contacted me before about this issue. Doesn't look good on Safari or on the author. 

We will have NYT Bestselling authors blogging and donating prizes to the hop. 
Angela Knight is one of the authors that will be blogging with us. And thats just the start. I am diligently working to round up more NYT Bestselling authors to participate. They will bring in a lot of traffic. Lori Foster is donating prizes and will be posting to her social media about the blog hop. It is going to be a big hit. My blog hops go over really well. 

We will also be giving away a new Kindle with books as a grand prize.

When the hop starts I need you all to post to Social Media etc about the hop. This is a group effort. The more we get the word out the better the hop will be. Its all about us helping each other. And encourage others to share as well. 

I make my hops very simple for the readers. All authors are listed on the Safari Heat hop page so readers can just go down the list and visit each blog.

Now for what you need to do on your post:

The blog hop banner needs to be at the top of your post. This helps readers know they are in the right place.

You are required to give away at least one prize on your blog. This prize can be whatever you want it to be. Prizes readers like.
Signed Books
Book Marks

You can also donate extra prizes for me to give away. I bounce randomly from blog to blog during the hop and give away prizes. No prize is too small. If you want to ship these prizes that is fine or you can send them to me and I will ship them. Whatever you are comfortable with. 

Think I covered it all. If you have any questions just contact Carey at

Hope you will join us in the fun and promo opportunity the hop will bring. 

Thank you,
Carey Abbott

Link to Hop Page

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

$10.00 Cover Sale \Just added 190 New Covers Yesterday!

Cover Sale Runs Through the Month of Oct.

All Covers are $10.00 no matter the price marked.

Edits to premades can be done with an added fee. Fee depends on the edit.

I just added 190 new covers yesterday. Don’t miss out. I have all genres covered. Anything from children’s, Horror, Syfi, Erotica, Romance and so much more. But look through all the covers because I don’t separate genres.

Buy 8 covers and get the 9th free. Just showing my appreciation to my clients.

For each share you get $1.00 off your cover. So if you buy five covers and share five time then that is $5.00 off your order. But only $1.00 off one cover.

Please share the sale. It can be shared anyplace you think would be helpful to other authors, publishers, etc. I also do graphic, website work not just covers.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

$10.00 Cover Sale-35 New Covers Added

All covers are $10.00 no matter the price marked. I have added 35 new premade covers. I have new Halloween covers on the site as well. Be sure and look through all the covers because I don't separate my covers. Please feel free to share.
Contact Carey
Sale runs through the month of October.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cover Sale

All premade covers are $10.00.
Personalized covers are 10% off.

Sale runs May 11th-25th.

You will find the link to the premade covers in the left hand sidebar.

Have any questions you can contact Carey at

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Sale $10.00 Covers BoGo

New Year Sale $10.00 Covers BoGo

Sale runs Jan 12th-24th 

All premade covers are $10.00 each.

Buy one premade cover and get one premade cover free.

Email Carey at     

(If you have any questions regarding sale)

Please feel free to share.

Share the cover sale post and get a five-dollar gift certificate towards any future purchase.

Look forward to working with you, 

Carey Abbott.