Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year Sale $10.00 Covers BoGo

New Year Sale $10.00 Covers BoGo

Sale runs Jan 12th-24th 

All premade covers are $10.00 each.

Buy one premade cover and get one premade cover free.

Email Carey at safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com     

(If you have any questions regarding sale)

Please feel free to share.

Share the cover sale post and get a five-dollar gift certificate towards any future purchase.

Look forward to working with you, 

Carey Abbott.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Sale $10.00 Covers

Sale Extended Dec. 23th.- Jan 3rd.

All premade covers are $10.00 each.

Buy three premade covers and get the fourth premade cover free.


Email Carey at safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com (If you have any questions regarding sale)

Please feel free to share.

Share the cover sale post and get a five-dollar gift certificate towards any future purchase.

Look forward to working with you,

Carey Abbott.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Two Souls...On Heart Blog Hop Sign Up

Can't participate? Donate a prize and get listed with a link on the prize page.

Blog Hop Dates: Feb. 10th.-15th.

Grand Prize: New Kindle with Books (As long as we have enough authors join the hop.)

Cost: $25.00 (Ten goes to grand prize and ten to blog organizers.)

You can pay on the Safari Heat site: Blog Hop Button is on the right sidebar.

Authors do a Valentines post. About 300 words. Short and simple. 

Send the following after payment has been made.

Author Name

Real Name

Blog Name


Blog Link (Closer to time I will need a direct link to your post.)

Prizes you will give away on your blog. (Everyone needs to give away at least one prize.)

Any extra prizes you will donate to Safari Heat to give away.

If you want to give away a copy of your book to give to the grand prize winner to go on their new Kindle let me know.

We are accepting donations of free books, signed books, swag. etc. No prize is too small.

We also have ad space available to authors during the blog hop. One week $20.00

So many ways to take advantage of the hop. Dont miss out!

Hops are very easy and reader friendly. Nothing complicated. That loses readers. 

Any questions and info can be sent to: safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

More info for authors in late Jan. 

Please share!!

Carey Abbott (Owner of Safari Heat)

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Premade Cover Sale ($10.00)

All premades are $10.00. Marked price doesn't matter.

Join the blog and get $1.00 off your total purchase.

Sale runs...Nov.15th.-Nov.30th. Sharing is encouraged.

Contact Carey...safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

Follow the link below to see sale covers...


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Huge Cover Art and Graphics Sale

Safari Heat is having a sale on the following services. From July 16th-30th

$5.00 off the first month (cover membership)
More info at the link below.

Cover Sale buy two premade covers for $10.00 each and get two free.
Covers for sale at the link below.

Headers-Banners-Facebook- $15.00
Premade or personalized
See premade designs at link below.

Personalized Logos

Advertise with us.
One book or service for $15.00 for two months.
More info at link below.

$5.00 0ff author graphic design packages.
More info at the link below.

Also check out our new lower priced covers. All covers are $25.00 or less
These are our new regular priced covers. Don’t miss out on the savings.

No Gift Certificate allowed with sale price. Any lower than $10.00 and I don’t make any profit. Sorry. You can still use a GC during the sale but you pay full cover price.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Carey at safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

Sharing is encouraged.


Carey Abbott

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Membership Service (Pay less for covers with a membership)

This membership only works with the graphic design services. Let me explain how it works.

Tan Membership is $25.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...3 premade covers or 1 personalized covers a month.

Black Membership is $45.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...5 premade covers or 2 personalized covers a month.

Grey Membership is $65.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...8 premade covers or 3 personalized covers a month.

Silver Membership is $95.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...10 premade covers or 5 personalized covers a month.

Gold Membership is 120.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...14 premade covers or 8 personalized covers a month.

Platinum Membership is $300.00  (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...unlimited premade covers or unlimited personalized covers a month.
This membership is perfect for publishers or authors that publish books often.

Memberships are automatically deducted each month on the date you signed up. You can cancel at any time through your Paypal account. Covers will roll over to the next month.

Publishers are welcome to become a member of Safari Heat.

There is a $10.00 registration fee. It is a one time fee unless you let your membership lapse. If that happens you will be required to pay the registration fee again.

If you have question or have paid and have your covers picked out shoot Carey an email.
Email Carey at safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

To sign up you need to do two things. Pay for the membership you want. You will find that button on the right side of the blog and then click on the registration button and pay the $10.00 registration fee as well. I had to make two buttons because the membership button is set to withdraw each month and the registration fee is a one time fee.

If you have any question just email me.

Have a great day,
Carey Abbott

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ebook Cover Sale all Covers $10.00

Ebook Cover Sale all Covers are $10.00

All premade covers are $10.00.

New covers have been added.

Sale runs from June 7th-June 27th.

Have any questions contact Carey at safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

Have a great day!