Saturday, July 16, 2016

Huge Cover Art and Graphics Sale

Safari Heat is having a sale on the following services. From July 16th-30th

$5.00 off the first month (cover membership)
More info at the link below.

Cover Sale buy two premade covers for $10.00 each and get two free.
Covers for sale at the link below.

Headers-Banners-Facebook- $15.00
Premade or personalized
See premade designs at link below.

Personalized Logos

Advertise with us.
One book or service for $15.00 for two months.
More info at link below.

$5.00 0ff author graphic design packages.
More info at the link below.

Also check out our new lower priced covers. All covers are $25.00 or less
These are our new regular priced covers. Don’t miss out on the savings.

No Gift Certificate allowed with sale price. Any lower than $10.00 and I don’t make any profit. Sorry. You can still use a GC during the sale but you pay full cover price.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Carey at

Sharing is encouraged.


Carey Abbott

Sunday, June 12, 2016

New Membership Service (Pay less for covers with a membership)

This membership only works with the graphic design services. Let me explain how it works.

Tan Membership is $25.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...3 premade covers or 1 personalized covers a month.

Black Membership is $45.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...5 premade covers or 2 personalized covers a month.

Grey Membership is $65.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...8 premade covers or 3 personalized covers a month.

Silver Membership is $95.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...10 premade covers or 5 personalized covers a month.

Gold Membership is 120.00 (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...14 premade covers or 8 personalized covers a month.

Platinum Membership is $300.00  (automatically deducted each month.)
You get...unlimited premade covers or unlimited personalized covers a month.
This membership is perfect for publishers or authors that publish books often.

Memberships are automatically deducted each month on the date you signed up. You can cancel at any time through your Paypal account. Covers will roll over to the next month.

Publishers are welcome to become a member of Safari Heat.

There is a $10.00 registration fee. It is a one time fee unless you let your membership lapse. If that happens you will be required to pay the registration fee again.

If you have question or have paid and have your covers picked out shoot Carey an email.
Email Carey at

To sign up you need to do two things. Pay for the membership you want. You will find that button on the right side of the blog and then click on the registration button and pay the $10.00 registration fee as well. I had to make two buttons because the membership button is set to withdraw each month and the registration fee is a one time fee.

If you have any question just email me.

Have a great day,
Carey Abbott

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ebook Cover Sale all Covers $10.00

Ebook Cover Sale all Covers are $10.00

All premade covers are $10.00.

New covers have been added.

Sale runs from June 7th-June 27th.

Have any questions contact Carey at

Have a great day!

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Cover Prices (Premades)

All Safari Heat remade cover prices have been lowered. They now run $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 dollars. This is a permeant price scale. I will still have ten dollar sales on occasion. I just wanted my prices to be affordable. Read on to learn about our blog hop. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sexcapades Blog Hop Sign Up

Blog Hop Dates: June 10th - June 24th.
Last day to sign up is May 31st

Hosted by Covert and Carnal

Organized by Safari Heat

Cost: $25.00

Cost Break Down:
$10.00 for grand prize
$10.00 for administrative and organizational costs.
$5.00 for any postage for prizes that need to be mailed.


Kindle with ebooks

There will be signed books from NYT Bestselling Authors.

Small prizes from each author participating.

If possible we will donate more prizes depending on the rate of participation from bloggers.

This blog hop will be very erotic. So erotic, BDSM, etc. prizes are welcome. But please let readers know about the erotic and BDSM prizes so they can decline to receive one of these prizes. Just get them to list it in the comments section. (I do not wish to receive any erotic prizes.)

We will also be giving away e-books. 

Who is welcome to participate?

If you have a blog, story, or novel that is erotic or relevant to education about human sexuality, you are welcome to participate in the hop. We welcome erotica and BDSM blogs, novels, authors, sex educators, etc.

If you are unsure if you qualify, just email Carey at

How it will work

Each blogger will write an erotic sex scene. If you are an author, I recommend using characters from one of your books, preferably the one you want to promo on the hop. But keep them true to their personalities. This is a good way to hook readers.

If you are an erotic sex blogger, then let your imagination run wild. You do not have to be an author to participate. 

This hop is going to be on the highly erotic/edgy side. The topics and stories will not be limited as far as content goes. So just a heads up. If you are not okay with or your material is not relevant erotica and BDSM etc. this isn’t the blog hop for you. 

Now here is the catch. (You didn’t think you were going to get off that easy…did you?)  We will be giving out two words that have to be in your blog post or story. These two words need to sound like they fit, not like an afterthought. This is very important, so make sure you get really creative and use them wisely. These words will be given to each blogger two weeks before the hop. That makes it fair and ensures everyone gets the same amount of time to craft their stories. 

The winner will be decided by the readers and the winner will receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate to Safari Heat to go towards any graphic design needs. 

Blogs have to be up by midnight on June 10th. If you don’t post on time, I will email you and give you 24 hours to post. If I get no response, then I will pull you from the hop list. Your money will not be refunded. So please be sure and follow directions carefully. 

On the top of the blog hop post you need to post the blog hop banner. This helps readers know they are in the right spot. This is a requirement. We will supply you with the banner. 

Each blogger is to give away at least one prize on their blog. This is your responsibility to give this prize away. If you want to give away more than one prize that is acceptable and up to you. One prize to give away is a minimum requirement, but there is no maximum. 

The blog hop line-up will be first come, first served. If you sign up early then you will get the higher listing. Not to say if you aren’t on the top you won’t get traffic because Safari Heat blog hops go over very well. My authors always feel very satisfied afterwards. 

Can’t participate? Well, we have a deal for you…donate a prize and get your name and website or blog link on our prize page. We are open to all prizes, especially erotic or BDSM prizes. Or it can be something cute as well. No limitations. Hope you will join us even if it is just donating a prize. You get a free promo opp by donating. 

If you want to sign up all you need to do is click on the blog hop’s PayPal button to pay and then email ( with your info. 

Pen Name:
Name on the PayPal Account (if different than your legal or pen name):
Blog Link:

This is all I need at the moment. I will send more info out closer to the time of the hop. Hope you will hop with us on this erotic journey and help our readers delve into the naughty side of life. 

If you have any questions just shoot Carey an email at

Look forward to working with you,
Carey Abbott/Owner of Safari Heat

Sunday, April 10, 2016

$10.00 Cover Sale

Safari Heat is having a sale that runs April 10th-28th. 

Wanted to give everyone the run down of what is going on in my life. Normally I find sharing my personal life to clients to be in bad taste but I needed to give you a quick explanation on where I have been. 

Well first off I'm getting a divorce then my daughter was in the hospital. Not to mention I followed in her footsteps and was also in the hospital. Things have been very crazy but I am getting back into the swing of things again. Hope this finds you well.  

All premade Christmas covers are on sale for $5.00. To get the $5.00 price you need to spend $15.00 or more on covers. You can do that anyway you want as long at it's cover art.

All other premade covers are $10.00.

Here is a link to the site.

You can earn a free cover for sharing. So share away. I will give you a free 10.00 cover or two $5.00 covers but you must spend $15.00 or more to get the free covers.

If you have a deadline then let me know and I will to figure it out with you. 

These covers won't last long at this price so hurry!!! 

You can contact Carey if you have any questions.  ( 

Please send an email. Do Not Leave Comments etc. I may not get those soon enough. Direct email is the best way to get ahold of me.

Please feel free to share. In fact I encourage it. 
Happy Shopping,
Carey Abbott

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Huge Cover Sale Nov. 29th-Dec.20th. (all covers are $10.00 or less)

All premade covers are on sale for $10.00. And Halloween covers are $5.00. The Halloween covers are marked with a red X.

We are also having a contest. For every $20.00 you spend on covers you get an entry into for our grand prize. The grand prize is… 4 personalized covers to one lucky author.

You can also get entries by sharing the sale and contest. You get one entry for every place you share. Just shoot me a link to verify that you shared.

You can also gain entries from buying gift certificates. For every $20.00 dollars you spend you get an entry to the contest.  Give the gift of cover art to that special author in your life. Just contact Carey for gift card purchases.

You also get entries for joining the Safari Heat blog or any of our social media sites. For each place you join you get an entry. You also can get a entry for joining our newsletter. You will find all these places by looking to the right hand side of the Safari Heat blog.

We will also be giving away one Safari Heat Gift Card to one lucky author. This is what you have to do. Got to our Face Book page and post your best line from one of your books. Doesn’t matter if it is published or not as long as it is your work and no one else. If I catch anyone plagiarizing I will disqualify you from all contests. Follow the link below to post.

This is going to be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to read your perfect one line.

Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake