Saturday, August 29, 2015

$10.00 Cover Sale Starts Monday August 31st.

All Premade Covers are $10.00. I will be adding new covers this weekend. So mark your calendars and don't miss out on this great sale. Covers go fast. If you see a cover you want on the site right now you can reserve it early by emailing me and paying for the cover.

You also get free covers for referring a friend that buys a cover and my sharing the sale. You have to buy a cover to qualify to win.

Sale starts August 31st - Sept. 12th.

Carey Abbott

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Author Expo

Safari Heat will be hosting an author expo on oct. 3rd. which is a sat. From 6 to 10pm Central time. This event will take place on Safari Heat’s Facebook page.

Below is a list of positions I need to fill. I have also included a link to the Safari Heat Facebook page and the website. If you have any questions please contact Carey at

Here is a revised list. I am also open to any suggestions on anything I missed or anything that is writing related. If is free to participate and it is free for authors to attend. This is just all in the hopes it will stir up some business for everyone. If it goes well I will probably do it two or three times a year. And they don't all have to be pros as long as they are educated enough to answer author's questions about the post then they are welcome to participate. Feel Free to share anywhere you would like. It will take a lot of sharing on all our parts to make this event a success. 


Author Expo Sign Up SERVICES:

1) Publishers (8 Spots/I am flexible on the number of posts)

2) Cover Models (8 Spots/I’m Flexible on the Number of Posts)

3) Banner Making Service (1 Post)

4) Print Cover Artist Service (1 Post)

5) Ghost Writing Service (Filled)
James Yonkers

6) Logos, Business Cards and Book Mark Service (1 Post)

7) Editor (Filled)
Wendy Ely

8) Book Trailers Service (1 Post)

9) Website Design and Maintenance Service (1 Post)

10) Social Media/Set Up Service (Filled)
Leo A Gonzalales

11) SEO/Search Engine Optimization Service (1 Post)

12) Content Writing Service (1 Post)

13) Marketing and Branding Services (1 Post)

14) Website Content Service (1 Post)

15) Newsletter Service (1 Post)

16) Bio Writing Service (1 Post)

17) Synopsis Help Service (1 Post)

18) Beta Reader Service (1 Post)

19) Writing Classes (7 Posts/I’m Flexible on the Number of Posts)
Work Shops With MM Pollard

20) Formatting Service (1 Post)  

21) Agents (3 Spots)

22) Audio Book Services (1Post)

23) Book Translation Services (1 Post)

24) Press Kits and Press Release Services (1 Post)

25) Blurb Writing Services (1 Post)

26) Illustration Service (1 Post)

27) Photography Service (1 Post)

28) E-Commerce Service (1 Post)

29) HTML Service (Filled)
Best Graphic Designer

30) Blog Design (1 Post)

31) Writing Coach (filled)
Teryn O'Brien

32) E-Book Cover Artist (filled)
Carey Abbott

33) Review Site (2 Post)
Harlie Williams

34) Author Promo Services (1 Post)

35) Virtual Assistant (Filled)
Harlie Williams

36) Cover Art Reader's Poll (Filled)
Carey Abbott

38) Scripts

39) Loglines

Some of the positions will only have one spot available to sign up this is to prevent any conflict of interest. So it is first come first serve.

Author Expo POSTS:

1) Current Publishing Trends

2) Author Promo Sites

3) NYT and US Today Bestselling Authors

4) Social Media/How to Use it

5) Writing Groups

6) Crit Groups

7) Titles

8) Social Networking/ The Importance of SN

9) When and Why to Use a Pen Name (filled)
Jani Clark

10) Scavenger Hunt/Need an Organizer/I will be around to help

11) In or Out of the Box (filled)
M Marvella

12) Erotic Romance VS. Romance

13) How to Juggle Life and Writing (filled)
Reanna Malori

14) How to Cope With Writer's Block

15) Pic Monkey Tutorials (filled)

16) The Importance of Blogging (filled)
Harlie Williams

17) Cover Art Share/Authors Can Post Their Covers to Share
(This is just a post that authors can share their covers. No one needs to babysit it. I will check in every once in awhile.)

18) Topics Never to Include in Your Novel

19) Plot and the Dreaded Plot Holes (Filled)
Dean Nichols

20) Character Building

21) Let's Play a Word Game

22) Best Writing Software

23) MAC vs. Windows

24) World Building

25) Copyright

26) Contracts

27) Should You Always Write in One Genre or Multiple Genres

28) Things You Just Have to Have to Write

29) The Evolution of an Author

30) What Success Looks Like

31) Research

32) Character Chart

33) Name That Book

34) How to Kill Fictional People

35) First Rejection Letter

36) The Moment you decided to be an Author

37) When Your Writing Started to Pay Off

38) Common Misconceptions About Authors

39) Writing Contests

40) Top Ten Books

41) History of Writing

42) Ask Anything

43) The First Word That Pops in your Head

44) Name the Weirdest Topic You Can Think About Writing

45) Strangest Place Your Characters Have Had Sex

46) Writing Non-Fiction

47) Finding Inspiration

48) A Day in the life of an author

49) Organizing your ideas

50) Revving up your muse







57) OUTLINES (Filled)
Dean Nichols












69) Blurb Writing (Filled)
E. Ayers

Monday, August 17, 2015

Author Expo Sign up

Join us on Sat. August 22 for Safari Heats first Author Expo. We will have venders for every service an author may need. From editing, book covers, writing classes and advice on how to juggle life and writing. That is just the tip of the ice burg. You will find the full list of services and posts below. Hope you will join us. There will also be prizes and a scavenger hunt. It will be tons of fun!!

This is free for authors to attend.

I need to fill the following positions. If there is a name after the position then it is filled. You need to know enough about the position you want to write a post on it and be able to answer author's questions. It is free to participate. You will need to be available on Sat. Aug. 22 from 5pm-9pm central time. You don't have to be at the computer the whole time but you must check in periodically. If you have any questions just shoot me an email.

Please feel free to share anywhere you think would be a good fit for this event. Also feel free to grab our banner from the top of the page if you would like to post it on websites, blogs, etc. 

You will find the number of available spots listed after the position. If it says two posts available then that is the number of spots available. They will fill up fast so hurry and share away. 

Positions to be Filled.

1) Current Publishing Trends Post (Only One Blog Post Available)

2) Ebook Cover Art (Position Filled)

Carey Abbott

3) Cover Models (Up to Three Cover Models)


4) Editor (Position Filled)

Wendy Ely

5) Advice From NYT Bestselling Author (Two Post Available)


6) Reviewer Site (Position Filled)

7) Author Promo (Only One Post Available)

8) Print Cover Artist (Only One Post Available)


9) Blurbs (Only One Post)


10) Virtual Assistant (Position Filled)

-Harlie Williams

11) Book Translations (Only One Post Available)


12) Audio Books (Only One Post Available)


13) Writing Classes (Two Posts Still Available)

MM Pollard 

14) Writing Groups (Three Posts Available)


15) Crit Groups (Three Posts Available)


16) Cover Art Reader's Poll (Position Filled)

Carey Abbott

17) Agents (Three Posts Available)

18) How to juggle writing and life post (Position Filled)

- Reanna Malori

19) How to cope with writers block. (One Post Available) 


20) Formatting (One Post Available)


21) Titles (One Post Available) 


22) Social Networking (One Post Available)


23) When and why to use a pen name (One Post Available)


24) Pic Monkey Tutorials (Position Filled)

- Carey Abbott

25) Beta Readers (Three Posts Available)


26) Synopsis Help (One Post Available) 


27) How to write a killer bio (One Post Available) 


28) Marketing your brand and books (One Post Available)


29) Banners (One Post Available) 

30) Website Design (One Post Available) 


31) Website Maintenance (One Post Available)


32) The importance of blogging (Position Filled)

- Harlie Williams 

33) Scavenger Hunt (Need someone to organize, I will be around to help)


34) In the box or out of the box post (One Post Available)


35) Erotic Romance vs. Romance post (One Post Available)


36) Book Trailers (One Post Available) 


37) Cover Art Share Post (This will just be a post where authors can share their covers. You post your own cover.) 

38) Publishers (Two Posts Available)

If anyone has any ideas they think should be added or a service I have missed please contact me. I am open to suggestions. Please feel free to share this with groups, twitter, FB, Etc. If you want to sign up for one of the open positions just contact me at

Have a great day,

Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake

Friday, July 24, 2015

$10.00 Premade Cover Sale


Sale Runs July 24th-August 5th. I will start on covers after the sale is over. If you have a deadline just let me know. And we can work something out. 

All premades are 10.00. Yes all premades, no matter the price listed! Except covers that have art that I do not own. I work special deals with graphic designers. And the price on those covers are firm. But I only have two as of right now.

Sense the last sale I have added new covers to my premade page on Safari Heat.

You can earn a free cover for sharing the sale, and one for referring a friend if they buy a cover. You have to buy at least one cover to qualify for the free covers and your referral has to buy a cover for you to get a free referral cover.

Last sale there was some confusion. The way the free covers work is as follows. You purchase the covers you want and then the free covers will be added as additional covers after you have made your purchase.

You only get two covers free at max.

But the amount of covers you buy is up to you. There is on limit. So go crazy!

I will also hold covers for you to use at a later date. I will remove them from the Safari Heat page and place them in a folder with your name on it as paid. When you are ready just shoot me an email and I will put your title and name on the cover. Either one at a time or all at the same time it is all up to the author. But when the sale ends all my covers got back to normal price.

If you have bought covers and they are still up on the site please be patient. I am teaching my daughter in law how to keep my website updated. This includes removing covers from the site and adding them to client folders. I just get too busy.

Don’t see any covers you need or want right now. Well I have a deal for you as well. Just decide how many covers you want to pre-purchase and I will send you a gift card to lock in the sale price. This sale is a win-win for all authors. Don't miss out and be sure and share, so your friends don’t miss out either.

As for my regular clients if you choose not to receive emails about sales then just shoot me an email at and I will take you off my mailing list.  I only email when I am having an amazing sale I think my clients can benefit from.

You can also sign up for our newsletter by following the Safari Heat link and the sign up is in the right hand side bar. If you sign up for the newsletter you will get five dollars off your next cover purchase. Everyone that signs up for the Newsletter will receive a five-dollar Gift Certificate towards their next purchase. Not redeemable for this sale.

Any edits done to premade covers will cost extra and the cost will depend on what the author needs changed. And covers are not held until payment is sent. So be sure and contact me ASAP about a cover you are interested in.

Please do not contact me by FaceBook, or leave a comment. I will not respond that way. You need to email me directly at (

Please feel free to share. The more the merrier. You have permission to share anyway you want to. 

I also wanted to let my clients know that my website has changed from dot COM to dot net. ( The reason for the change is a really long and frustrating story. I had a problem with Host Gator. I have problems with them every year and this year I just threw in the towel and went to One Web Hosting.  

If anyone has any questions just email me at (

I will not be starting on any sale covers until after the sale ends. If you need a cover sooner just email me and we can work something out. 

I also want to let everyone know that these sales go over really well. So please be patient. I am only one person and can only get so much done in one day. Last sale took me three weeks to get the covers finished. I will do my best to work as fast as I can. But realize you are getting a really good deal. I will also work with deadlines if you have one. Just be sure and let me know what your deadline is.

Please share anywhere you want. Permission is granted and appreciated. 

I will be on vacation from August 7th-August 14th.

Have a great day,

Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake