Pre-Made Covers For Sale

Safari Heat is having a sale that runs Nov. 2nd-Nov.19th.

All Halloween covers are on sale for $5.00. The sale covers will be marked with a red X. But there is... a little... catch. To get the $5.00 price you need to spend $15.00 or more on covers. You can do that anyway you want as long at it's cover art.

If there isn't an X in front of the title then they are $10.00. All covers without the are $10.00.

You can earn a free cover for sharing. So share away. I will give you a free 10.00 cover or two $5.00 covers but you must spend $15.00 or more to get the free covers.

One more thing I need to let everyone know. I am working on a deadline for my publisher and that it is taking up a lot of time. So I will not be able to get to these probably till the middle of Nov. But with that said if you have a deadline then let me know and I will try to figure it out with you. I would hate to lose your business.

These covers won't last long at this price so hurry!!! 

You can contact Carey if you have any questions.  ( Please send an email. Do Not Leave Comments etc. I may not get those soon enough. Direct email is the best way to get ahold of me.

Happy Shopping,
Carey Abbott

I have something for everyone. From children's to erotica. Please look through all the covers. I don't separate genres. Contact Carey if you see a cover you would like to purchase. My email is at the bottom of the page. I will then send you an invoice. 

I'm now offering Pre-Made Covers. These covers will not be sold to multiple clients. As I sell them I will remove them from this page and they will go on my Cover Art Page. So it is first come first serve.

The prices are under each cover. The prices are firm. I can personalize these covers for you for an additional charge to the original price. If you want a font change then there is a $10.00 dollar charge for that. Color changes to the the original font are free. Email me for prices on the changes you need made. Any other changes will have to be discusses. The price will depend on the time it will take to make the changes. Don't hesitate to email me.

If you see a cover you like then just send me an email with the title of the cover you want. You will find it in the caption under the cover. Be sure and give me the title of your book, the name you want on the cover and your email. You can email me at

If you have any questions you can email me at the above address. I don’t mind answering any questions you might have.

You will be provided with sizes that will work for Amazon, Apple, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords. I can also provide covers for any other site you need it for if you can provide the dimensions at the time of purchase. But if you see a cover you like and need to find the size info just email me and let me know. We can work something out. Afterwards I will not be able to give you additional sizes. I will do up to five different sizes for no extra charge and five dollars each sizing after that.

I stand by my work if something doesn't load, etc; just contact me and I will fix it. Sometimes sites change their dimensions. It’s no big deal. I will just check the site for the latest size requirements. I try to do this every once in a while but things slip by sometimes. I have only had two clients have problems and I fixed it in just a few minutes.

I add new covers every week. So keep stopping by or sign up with your email to follow our news letter for the latest sales.

I don't guarantee that my covers will work for print. Now many of my clients use my cover for print all the time but I only do Ebook covers. I can send you a copy of the picture used for you to have a print cover made but as far as print covers go I have an artist on Safari Heat that can make you a cover from my work.

Don't see what you are looking for? I can make a personalized cover that fits your book. 

If you need a cover personalized not a problem just contact me from my website or at (

PLEASE DON'T LEAVE COMMENTS IF YOU NEED A COVER. EMAIL ME. If a cover says SALE PENDING or SOLD then it is unavailable at this time. Now if the sale doesn't go through I will remove the SALE PENDING. 

Please list me on the copyright page as the cover artist.
Carey Abbott Cover Artist

1 Falling Leaves $55.00
Wonderlust $55.00
Grotto $35.00
Happy Couple $30.00
Beach Babe $55.00
Starfish $55.00
Black Swan $55.00
Love or Chocolate $65.00
On Your Heels $55.00
Vanity  $55.00
YA So Serious $55.00
Beautiful Ice Princess $65.00
Freedom Defender $55.00
Nuclear  Cloud $65.00
Tall, Dark and Beautiful $55.00
Wicked Fairy $55.00
Lunch Affair $55.00
Kissable Lips $65.00
Fighting Back $65.00
Fun in the Sunset $55.00
Rose Bud Seduction %55.00
Root of the Problem $55.00
X  Masked Desires $65.00
Winter Beach Vacation $65.00
CIA  Agent $55.00
Christmas Star $40.00
Fight or Flight??? $40.00
Dear Santa, $65.00
X Undead Princess $65.00
X Blood Sucker $55.00
Explosive $65.00
A Berry Merry Christmas $65.00
X Sataness $55.00
Bronzed $65.00
Drowning in Sin $65.00
X White with a Touch of Pink $55.00
X We're all Crazy Here $65.00
Cocoa with Snowflakes  $30.00
Plaid  Shirt $55.00
Gifts of a Child $55.00
Bold Desires $65.00
Moon Wishes $55.00
Part Time Alpha $65.00
Christmas Ball $65.00
X Beaten Child $40.00
X Alien Creature $40.00
X 2 Haunted Mansion $55.00
Seducing the Enemy $65.00
Sultry Rendezvous $65.00
Biker Love $55.00
3 Sultry $55.00
Don't Do It $65.00
X Sweet Sins $65.00
Lady Justice $65.00
Powerful Love $65.00
Christmas Traditions $55.00
X Crack and Peel  $55.00
3 Sorrow $ 55.00
At His Mercy $30.00
2 Mystical $65.00
X Of the Flesh $55.00
3 Christmas Morning $30.00
Christmas Memories $ 65.00
Steam-Punked in Space $65.00
Galaxy Queen $65.00
X Running From Death $55.00
 2 Young Love 45.00
Ballerina Bun $55.00
Storm Warning $65.00
X Mrs. Frankenstien $65.00
X Butterfly Killer $65.00
X Red Sugar Skull $55.00
X Demonic Attack  $55.00
X From the Grave $65.00
Christmas Wishes and Hopes $65.00
The Little Pink Church $55.00

Horney $65.00

X Vampira $55.00
X Tears of Gold $45.99
X Blood of the Demon $65.00
Crack $65.00
X Bat Symbol $55.00
X Lady Red $65.00
X Every Little Drop $65.00
Luscious  $65.00
Freckles $55.00
X Flame of Judgment $65.00
X Demon Doll $55.00
X Wicked $65.00
Moon Dreams $55.00
X Pushing the Edges of Sanity $65.00
Murder 123 $55.00
Magic Glitter $65.00
Mrs. Candy Cane $65.00
Secret Santa Gift $55.00
Sexy Christmas Heels $55.00
History in the Making $55.00
M for Murder $65.00
Beauty Makeup $65.00
X Halloween Celebratuon $65.00
Statue and Skull $55.00
Hard Core $55.00
Orange Flowers $55.00
Strong Man $55.00
Dance Club $55.00
Faded $55.00
(SOLD SJ) Swirls of Black $55.00
Cold Nights $65.00
Albino $55.00
Heavenly Lights $55.00
Roses are Pink $55.00
Conniving $65.00
(SOLD TB) Fancy Shoes $65.00
X Skull or Finger Print? $45.00
Agony $65.00
Sultry Eyes $65.00
Frozen $65.00
Classy Lady 1 $65.00
Roman Soldier $65.00
Blue Man $55.00
Decrepit Man $55.00
(SOLD TB) Sitting on the Dock of the Bay $55.00
Is it Just a... Story? $65.00
Flames of Blue $55.00
Digital $55.00
Demonic Symbol $65.00
Panties on the Floor $45.00
X Demonic Attraction $55.00
Chesty $55.00
Dark Notions $45.00
Beach Bungalow $65.00
Spring $55.00
A Hanging $30.00
Black Feathers $55.00
Cozy $45.00
Private Eye $65.00
Alien Beauty 2 $65.00
Alien Beauty 1 $65.00
Tiger's Torch $65.00
X Mutilated $65.00
Doctor Feel Good $65.00
Alice in Danger Land $55.00
Ritual $55.00
Platinum and Leather $65.00
Linebacker $55.00
Vampire Seduction $65.00
Light the Way $45.00
Green and Teal $55.00
Gun for Hire 2 $55.00
Boogie Man $55.00
Tea Party $45.00
Alien Seduction $65.00
Half  Breed $65.00
Marriage Made in Heaven $55.00
Stylish $45.00
Veiled in Red $55.00
Glowing Orb $55.00
Warped %65.00
Dark Makeup $55.00
Razors Edge $55.00
Paisley $55.00
Feather Eyelashes $65.00
Stockings 3 $65.00
(SOLD LC) Shooting Stars $65.00
The Hunger $65.00
 Blood Bath $65.00
Golden Eyes 1 $55.00
(SOLD SM) Summer Love 2 $55.00
Winter Coat $55.00
Torrid Affair $55.00
Time Zone $65.00
Affection $55.00
Maid to Order $65.00
Frosty $55.00
Mechanical $65.00
Pitbull $55.00
X Bewitched $65.00
Historical $55.00
Tropical $55.00
(SOLD LC) Fire Maker $65.00
Tender Love $55.00
Sadness $45.00
Night Magic $55.00
Shopping $30.00
(SOLD LC) Murderous $65.00
Aquatic $65.00
Black and White $55.00
Bat Wings $65.00
Lady in Red $55.00
Father and Son $40.00
Girl Looking $30.00
(SOLD-RJ) Devourer $65.00
Angelic War $65.00
(SOLD SL) Flames of Revenge $65.00
(SOLD) Summer Breeze $55.00
Restrained $55.00
Changelings $65.00
School Girl Gone Bad $55.00
Druid $65.00
Alien Princess $65.00
Pinned $65.00
Lighting the Dark $65.00
(SOLD LC) Gladiator's Woman $65.00
Boy, Girl, Boy $55.00
Captured by the Enemy $30.00
Luscious Lips $65.00
(SOLD-RJ) Seductive Mistress $65.00
Caught $55.00
Bonded for Eternity $30.00
Elven Royalty $65.00
Branded by Him $55.00
Steam Punk Princess $65.00
YA Stranger Danger $55.00
Purple Chiffon $55.00
(SOLD-RJ) Dispersed Souls $55.00
1 Soulless $65.00
(SOLD JF) Dreamer $55.00
Hot Pants $65.00
Fumbled Love $55.00
(SOLD SM) The Falls $65.00
1 Elven Warrior $45.00
Cathedral Shadows $55.00
YA Devastation $45.00
Western Seduction $45.00
Noon Tea Time $35.00
The Future $65.00
Soul Attraction $65.99
Glamour 3 $50.00
Glamour 1 $50.00
Monstrosity $55.00
Angel Wings $45.00
Boobs One $55.00
Together Forever $55.00
Suspicious $55.00
(SOLD-BJL) Under the Sea $55.00
Day Dreaming $55.00
Interrupted $65.00
Dragon Lore $45.00
Manipulator $65.00
Executioner $65.00
X Soulless $65.00
X Diseased $65.00
Golden Warrior Three $65.00
(SOLD MMAR) Golden Warrior Two $65.00
(SOLD KD) Golden Warrior One $65.00
Male Affection $45.00
Alien Beauty $55.00
Historical $55.00
Cracked $65.00
Ice Queen $65.00
(SOLD LC) Eyes Three $65.00
(SOLD LC) Eyes Two $65.00
(SOLD LC) Eyes One $65.00
(SOLD SJ) Aqua Dreams $55.00
Fairy Entrapment $55.00
Sword of Justice $45.00
Tribal Beauty $65.00
Hands On $55.00
(SOLD-RJ) Devilish $55.00
(SOLD LM) Stetson Girl $65.00
Kilted Warrior $65.00
(SOLD MMAR) Spring Fever $55.00
Tamed $45.00
His Secret $55.00
 Assassin 2 $55.00
Desired by Him $55.00
One Night Stand 1 $65.00
Booty Call $65.00
Chameleon $55.00
Indian Princess $65.00
Look Out $55.00
Blue Warrior $40.00
Reunited $40.00
(SOLD LC) Hot on Your Tracks $55.00
Eve's Deception $55.00
Daisy Dukes 1 $55.00
Dark Savior $65.00
Voluptuous $65.00
Muscle Bound $55.00
Undressing $55.00
Hunky Blond $55.00
Bridal Party $55.00
Bow Tied $45.00
The Water $55.00
Styled in Pink $65.00
X Packing $45.00
(SOLD-BJL) Cuffs $45.00
Butterfly Effect $65.00
(SOLD MT) White Tiger $65.00
X Demented Doll $65.00
Marked Alpha $65.00
Joyous $45.00
Christmas Wrapping $55.00
(SOLD SC) Wild Horses $65.00
Castle Dreams $55.00
Sassy Santa $45.00
Erotic Christmas Wishes $45.00
(SOLD JF) Yule Tide $45.00
Angelic $45.00
Pillow Talk $45.00
Holiday Passions $65.00
City Life $65.00
(SOLD-BJL) Choices $65.00
Brown Eyed Beauty $55.00
X 1 Blood Bath $55.00
(SOLD BJL) Christmas Time $55.00
X Zombie Attack $55.00
X Daughters of the Dark $40.00
X Demented Little Girl $55.00
Green Eyed Monster $55.00
(SOLD JF) Dusk $40.00
X Flames of Fury $55.00
X Deranged $40.00
X Possessed Girl $55.00
The Calling Moon $55.00
X Graveyard $40.00
The Prophecy $55.00
Howling $30.00
Altered Perception $55.00
Water Angel $55.00
X Skull Demon $40.00
X Vampire Bite $40.00
X Vampire Moon  $40.00
X Shriveled $55.00
Murderous Woman $55.00
X Pussy Cat $40.00
X Deadly Nurse $55.00
Crow $40.00
 X Horror House $40.00
X Demonic Doll $30.00
X Dark Magic $40.00
Gun For Hire $30.00
Dark Shadows $40.00
X Howling $40.00
        X Frightening $40.00
(SOLD-RJ) Devilish $55.00
X Blood Mistress $55.00

(SOLD BJL) Made for Speed $50.00

(SOLD SJ) Moon Child $55.00
Desert Bones $40.00
X Dead Bride $30.00
X Virus $45.00
Dark Princess $55.00
X Creeper $ 55.00
X Wicked Witch Fantasy $55.00
X Sexy Vamp $45.00
X Witch's Book of Spells $45.00
Beautiful Mountains $55.00
Infested $55.00

Lily $40.00
Savage Love  $55.00
Heavenly Sorrows $40.00
Ulterior Motives $40.00
Madness $50.00
(SOLD TB) Autumn  $55.00
(SOLD KD) Teal $45.00
X Magical Eye $55.00
Fab Lashes $55.00
Passionate $40.00
Jack $30.00
Athena $40.00
Elven Warrior $30.00
(SOLD-BJL) Her Dominance $40.00
Her Libido $30.00
Lickable $30.00
Platinum $55.00
(SOLD LC) Cursed in Stone $55.00
Sword of Power $40.00
Tempted by Love $55.00
Lost in Love $30.00
Magical Sphere $55.00
(SOLD JF) See No Evil $55.00
Love Slave $40.00
(SOLD RH) Out of Reach $30.00
X Spiritual Release1 $55.00
No Non-Senes $55.00
Lovers $55.00
Caveman $55.00
X Bitten $55.00
Blood Dreams $55.00
Indian Spirit $55.00
X Nailed $55.00
Bone Yard $30.00
Romantic $40.00
X Morbid $55.00
Exposure $40.00
(SOLD-BJL) Huntress' Power $55.00
(SOLD-BJL) Brooding Passions $55.00
Heated $55.00
Woman and Castle $55.00
Screaming Child $55.00
Space Adventure $55.00
Into the Darkness $50.00
X Dark Corridors $30.00
Doggy $55.00
High Society $55.00
Formal $50.00
Smug $50.00
X Zombie Feast $30.00
Warrior's Rage $55.00
Hopeful Requests $30.00
Steam Full Ahead $40.00
Phantom $55.00
Scarred $40.00
Private Investigator $ 50.00
Changing His Stripes $55.00
A Warrior's Heart 2 $55.00
Getting What She Wants $40.00
X Joker $40.00
Fantasy Realm $50.00
Reptilian $50.00
Wired for Sound $40.00
War $55.00
SpecialtyFantasy Covers are Never Included in Sales
Graphics by Randall Wright
Cover Art by Carey Abbott
Specialty Fantasy Covers are Never Included in Sales
Graphics by Randall Wright
Cover Art by Carey Abbott
Warrior Princess 2 $40.00
To Live Another Day $50.00
    X It's so Much More Fun to be Bad $40.00
Thug $40.00
Foggy Forest $40.00
Country Twang $30.00
1 Sexy Pirate 40.00
(SOLD HW) Green Dress $55.00
Tranquil Woods $30.00
Pink Daisy $40.00
Dilemma $30.00
(SOLD BJL) Curb Appeal $40.00
Marked Warrior $40.00
Sunflower $40.00
Sleeping Beauty $55.00
X Mummified $30.00
Alien Princess $40.00
7 Angelic $55.00
Stagnant Waters $40.00
Fantasy Maiden $40.00
Green With Envy $40.00
Coffee Break $40.00
Rough Waters $40.00
X Vampire Slayer $40.00
Frost Bite $40.00
X Survival Instincts $40.00
(SOLD JF) Blood Rite 2 $40.00
Ballerina $30.00
Savage Love $40.00
City Streets $40.00
Bearly  Lovely $30.00
Black Bird $40.00
His Desires $30.00
A Miracle  $30.00
Made for Each Other $30.00
 Red Hood 2 $30.00
Country Love $40.00
Dream Wedding $30.00
Tunnel of Terror $40.00
(SOLD TB) Out of His League $40.00
Red $40.00
Ball Gown $40.00
YA Dreamer $30.00
(SOLD SS) Vixen $40.00
X Animal Instincts $30.00
(SOLD TB) Forgiveness $40.00
Strength of the Dragon $40.00
Erotic $30.00
2 Blood Bath $30.00
Tempted $30.00
(SOLD TB) Wheels of Fire $40.00
Butterfly Tattoo $30.00
Mistic $40.00
Spellbound $40.00
(SOLD HW) Timeless $40.00
Love's Embrase $30.00
(SOLD MMAR) Seashore $40.00
Night Mistress  $40.00
Wishing $12.00

Restless Heart $40.00

YA Skater $30.00 

Alien Eyes $40.00

Wings of a Dark Angel $40.00

3D Butterfly $40.00

(SOLD-BJL) Demonic Savior $40.00

Altered Reality $40.00

(SOLD MM) Her Rogue Lover $40.00

Falling Leaves $30.00

X Blood Letting $40.00
Legs 12  $30.00
(SOLD SM) Wild Horses $40.00
(SOLD-BJL) Night on the Town $30.00
Candy $40.00
Knight's Honor $40.00
X Silver Queen $40.00
X Demonic Resurrection $40.00
X Demon Domination $40.00
Wicked Ways $40.00
Dressage $30.00
(SOLD SE) Captives Hope $40.00
Witches Brew $30.00
Lilacs $30.00
Lost Angel $40.00
Ripped and Gorgeous $40.00
(SOLD AC) Stubborn Alpha $40.00
Wrapped Around Her Finger $30.00
His Demands $30.00
Fallen Angel $40.00
X Evil Incarnate $40.00
Christmas Wishes $40.00
Giving Tree $40.00
Blue Christmas $40.00
Naughty Helper $40.00
Golden Tree $40.00
The Power of Love $40.00
Unbreakable Bond $40.00
Gothic Nights $30.00
Pagan Rituals $40.00
Dark Watcher $30.00
Determined $40.00
(SOLD CC) Christmas Abstract $40.00
Fields of Gold $40,.00
(SOLD KD) Monk $40.00
X Evil Child $30.00
Wolf Eyes $40.00
X Oh the Horror $30.00
Jigsaw $30.00
Secrets $30.00
(SOLD LC) The Damned $40.00
X Abstract Woman $40.00
Final Verdict $40.00
Glamour $30.00
Dark Secrets $30.00
The Money Trap $40.00
(SOLD TL) Poison Ivey $40.00
Forest $40.00
Field of Daisies $30.00
Psychedelic Flower $30.00
Death at Your Door $30.00
(SOLD JK) Angels of Light $40.00
X Dead Walking $30.00
(SOLD JF) The Calling Moon $30.00
Royal Descendent $40.00
(SOLD MMAR) YA Young Love $30.00  
Murderous Decisions $40.00
Dragon Warrior $40.00
YA Blood Angel $40.00
Villa $30.00
Hexed by Love $40.00
An Angel's Wish $30.00
Fantasy Abstract $40.00
Seducing Her Man $30.00
Finding History $30.00
Debonaire $40.00
Royal Assassination $30.00
(SOLD BJL) Voyeur $30.00
Fighting the Flames $40.00
X Hidden Desires $30.00
A Warrior's Way $40.00
Beach Party $30.00
Angel Glow $40.00
Angel Shadows $40.00
Flaming Sun $40.00
Love Eternally $40.00
X Demonic Infatuation $40.00
Dark Detention $30.00
(SOLD MM) Fantasy Realm $40.00
Dark Corners $30.00
Lustful Cravings $30.00
Golden Dreams $30.00
X Damned $30.00
(SOLD SJ) Fairy Realm $30.00
Fractured $40.00
Unexpected Threesome $40.00
Horror Concept $40.00
Earning Her Wings $30.00
(SOLD SM) Mending Fences $40.00
Naughty Obsessions $30.00
(SOLD MMAR) Dead by Nightfall $40.00
(SOLD MT) Cat's Need $40.00
Wolf's Need $40.00
Fantasy Elf $30.00
Dark Female Warrior $30.00
(SOLD EL) His Affections $30.00
Robot $40.00
YA Alone $30.00
YA Innocent $40.00
YA First Love $40.00
YA The Call $30.00
YA Trouble $30.00 
Droid $40.00
Flesh and Metal $30.00
Robotics $40.00
Following the Light $30.00
Cyborg Female $40.00
(SOLD MC) All Seeing $40.00
Line Dancing $40.00
Clock Work $40.00
Flower Girl $30.00
Serial Killer $40.00
YA Hunk $30.00
X Zombie Attach $30.00
Wood Nymph $30.00
Glimpse of the Future $30.00
Futures Past $30.00
(SOLD CC) Men in Uniform $30.00
Her Lovers $40.00
Rufus Get's Lost $30.00
(SOLD BJL) Broken Wings $30.00
Until Death Do Us Part $40.00
And Baby Makes Three $40.00
(SOLD TB) Long Haul Lovers $40.00
(SOLD LC) Who's Seducing Who $40.00
Bubby and Sissy $30.00
Playboy $30.00
Guardian $30.00
Too Nosey for Her Own Good $30.00
Dark Goddess $30.00
Beautiful Creature $30.00
Train Stop $30.00
X She-Demon's Plan $30.00
Shrouded in Darkness $30.00
X Wicked Insanity $30.00
(SOLD BJL) Ladies Man $30.00
A Child's Prayers $30.00
Huntress $30.00
1Warrior Princess $30.00
Fairy Gold $30.00
Sexy $30.00
(SOLD TB) Sands of Time $30.00
1 Fields of Gold $30.00
Secret Agent Man $30.00
Road to Nowhere $30.00
Tougher Than Nails $30.00
Hot Nights $30.00
(SOLD-BJL) Sinful Seduction $30.00
Flower Hat $30.00
Red Dress $30.00
Picture Perfect $30.00
X Aye Matey $30.00
(SOLD TB) Wild Nights $30.00
(SOLD TB) Love Unexpected $30.00
Manipulative $30.00
 Erotic Pleasures $30.00
Trip to Anywhere $30.00
(SOLD TB) Rocker $30.00
Fantasy Lover  $30.00
Tramp Stamp $30.00
(SOLD-PH) Dangerous Ground $30.00
Take Down $30.00
Fashionista $30.00
Romantic $40.00
Fly Boy $40.00
Mystic Forest $30.00
Angel Mine $30.00
Blood Rose $40.00
Private Eye $30.00
Sexy Santa $12.00
(SOLD LC) Wedded Bliss $30.00
Masquerade $30.00
Bathing Beauty $30.00
X Blood Ties $30.00 
X Demon Within $30.00
X Hacker $30.00
Hunting a Killer $30.00
Shades $30.00
Pole Dancer $30.00
Water Angel $30.00
X Bloody $30.00
X Wild Thing $30.00
Chiffon $30.00
Snowy Seduction $30.00
X 1 Soulless $30.00
Red Heads Do It Better $40.00
 Gorgeous $30.00
X Blood Lust $30.00
Ladies Never Tell $30.00
2 Blondie $30.00
(SOLD TB) Nashville or Bust $40.00
X The Possession $30.00
X Deadly Intentions $30.00
Flames of Passion $40.00
X Countess Dracula $30.00
Space Magic $40.00
X Blood Survival $30.00
Sailor Girl $30.00
The Killer Within $30.00
Running Out of Time $30.00
Erotic Needs $30.00
Memories of the Past $30.00
Spoiled $30.00
Siren $30.00
Back in Time $30.00
Deep Space $30.00
Tempt Me $30.00
Bombshell $30.00
Armed and Dangerous $30.00
Killer $40.00
(SOLD BJL) Rebel $30.00
(SOLD MT) Panther $30.00
High Fashion $40.00
(SOLD BJL) Golden Eyes $30.00
Royalty $30.00
Pin Up Girl $30.00
Pirate Seduction $30.00
Taken $40.00
YA Fantasy $40.00
(SOLD EL) Sinful $30.00
Naughty Notions $30.00
Elven $40.00
Paradise $30.00
Impulsive $40.00
Evacuated $40.00
Fire Serpent $40.00
Adorable $30.00
2 Mysterious in Black $30.00
Afflicted $30.00
Fae? Vamp? $40.00
Mystic $30.00
Stubborn Cowboy $40.00
Vines of Love $40.00
Vengeance $30.00
(SOLD EL) Naughty Pleasures $40.00
Sinful $30.00
Angel Dreams $30.00
Relic $40.00
Buzz $30.00
Lonely $40.00
Skate Board $30.00
Rex $30.00
Leo $30.00
Teeth Brushing $30.00
YeeHaa! $30.00
Snake $30.00
Beaker $30.00
X  Bitter Apple $30.00
1 Erotic $30.00
A Proper Lady $30.00
SteamyNights $30.00
GoGo Boots $30.00
Tribal $40.00
(SOLD BJL) Biker Babe $40.00
Stranded $30.00
Lacy $30.00
Shining Armor $30.00
Timeless $40.00
 Mysterious $40.00
(SPLD MMAR) Naughty Angel $30.00
Geared Up $40.00
(SOLD HW) Little Girl $30.00
Savage $30.00
 Fairy Wings $30.00
Honor Student $40.00
(SOLD MM) White Wolf $40.00
Something Wicked $30.00
The Mage $40.00
Sassy $30.00
The Other Woman $30.00
Stormy Seas $40.00
Wings of the Butterfly $30.00
(SOLD MT) Lion's Passion $40.00
Blood Trails $40.00
Dark Angel $30.00
(SOLS BJL) Take Your Picture $30.00


  1. These are wonderful covers. Once my current series is complete, I will consider contacting you (AuthorsNetwork Member)

    1. Just let me know when you are ready. Look forward to working with you.

  2. Very cool! I have questions. I take it that you will do a complete cover for print for extra. I'm marking your address for the future. Thanks for posting. Great timing!

  3. Nice covers. Some sexy stories need to get written so these covers get a home.

    1. Thanks Daryl! Yeah these babies need homes.

  4. Very cool...I'm on a very limited budget right now due to layoff and family emergency but I wondered if you could do a "cartoony" cover for a short story collection (sweet contemporary). Two of the stories feature baseball and the other one is about newlyweds who are crowded toether with the groom's family in a house and are considering buying a new house. How much would something like that cost?

    Nancy Goldberg Levine

    1. Nancy please email me off the blog at

  5. OMG I love them but I'm looking for a winter scene for a sweet romance novella - let me know if you have any

  6. These are beautiful covers! (I can't afford new covers until hubs get back to work.) But, I'll be stopping by in a few months when I have some extra $$ .. Because I'll have 3 books needing some hot guys! You're work is astounding. I'll also share this around to the authors I work with for you ;)

  7. Hi there! I love your work. I have a complete and copyrighted book I plan to epublish soon. Question... can you tweak any colors on your pre-made covers? I need brown or black eye color. Thank you. Raeanne

  8. I can do eye color changes to most models. Which cover are you interested in? Then I will have a better idea of what we are working with. You can email me at

  9. Carey, you can do eye color changes??? That's awesome.
    I'm so excited. I'll be contacting you very soon about making a cover for me.

  10. Gorgeous work. Am sharing the site.

  11. You do some AWESOME work!! Keep it up, C!!!Two thumbs up!

  12. Some great new choices here! Lovely.

  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

  14. Absolute Awesome covers! Beautiful work and I've already found several for y current works and others are ery promising.

  15. I love your covers. I was wondering it you do interracial ones BW/WM

  16. I was also wondering do you do male athletes (in partial uniform)

  17. Marcy, I can do both. I will look into adding some. Or we can do a personalized cover for you.

  18. Thank you so much for the covers all made up with Titles and author's name (in smaller letters than the Title as I requested)! The RED EYE with "Immortal Relations REVENGE!" will REALLY set the tone for the novel once it is added to the series (est. mid-2014) after I finish the one to be read to children about time-travel to see the Dinosaurs - not too many covers work for either time travel or Dino's but the "Flower" looks electrical sine-wave like so it was fantastic once the title was applied! You do great work! The other cover, just hold off on for six months, then you can send it along if you will be so kind. Thanks again!

    1. I guess you can go ahead and send that next cover. The main title will still be "Immortal Relations" however the sub-title I've selected is "The End?" to be placed underneath the main title (but can be offset and in smaller letters if necessary to fit the picture w/my G.D. Ogan very small on the bottom. I'll just keep it in my computer until I'm ready with that book which may be over a year and a half from now, as everything has been put on hold for awhile.

  19. These are indeed beautiful covers but I can't seem to find what I want anywhere. I want and interracial couple (WBW) with Caribbean back ground (Beach, Coconut Trees)
    I can't find that anywhere!

  20. Allison can you please give me a contact email? I have no way of contacting you. you can email me at

  21. Carey, I sent you an email two days ago about getting some covers but I haven't heard from you so I'm not sure you saw it.

  22. Carey, I would like DOWNTOWN. ( and will also send you an email. Thank you!

  23. I shared on my writer's loop, facebook and twitter. Love the covers, though none fit the series I'm starting. Going to look again though.

  24. I shared this on Twitter under both of my accounts- @KarennaColcroft and @JoRamseyYA.
    I'd like to purchase "Watching You"; it's perfect for my planned self-published re-issue of a novel about a demon of vengeance.

  25. Carey, are any of these book covers still available? Today is March 21, 2015-- or
    Thank you.