Full Blog Design

Price for Blogger Set Up: $140.00-$160.00
An added fee for header design if needed: $20.00

What’s Included in the Blog set up package?

Blog Design

Submitting blog to search engines

5 pages: Example Bio page. You can add more than five pages but it is 5.00 for each added page.

Add covers to blog sidebar or on one of the 5 pages.

Add Feedburner for email sign up.

Add a share it button: This is for sharing on Facebook and Twitter

I will add 3 more social medias of your choice: Example: Good Reads

Authors listed by name on sidebar if there is more than one author blogging on the site.

Networked blogs set up: This lets people sign up with Facebook and links the blog to Facebook as well.

Google Friends: This lets people sign up with Google.

Blog search button: This lets readers search your blog for something specific.

Archive: This is where all your past blogs get stored: You can even name this if you like. Mine is named Tabby’s Vault.

Have a newsletter sign up? I can add that to the blog as well.

Need something else added to your blog just ask and I will do my best to personalize your blog to your standards. There may be an added cost but we will discuss this before I do anything.

Have question? Just email Carey at  safariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

Blog Monthly Service
For 30.00 a month I will make sure your blog is up and running correctly. You can contact me about an problems you are having with your blog. I can even post your blogs and other content for you.

Blog Design Order Form

Email you want to use other than Google:

If you want to sign up with Google please fill out the info below. These are questions Google asks to sign up. You may have to verify your email once I get things going. If so I will contact you and tell you to be looking for the email.

Phone Number:
I can give it a temporary password that you can change when I’m done. Please change the password after we are done, unless you sign up for the monthly service.

Blog Design

Do you need a header made?

If so what is your vision for the header?

What colors do you hate?

What colors do you like?

What genre do you write in?

What will the blog be named?

Do you want the page tabs on the top or in the sidebar?

Please list anything else you might need or if you need a question answered here.

You can send this form tosafariheatcoverartist@gmail.com

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