Cover Art Portfolio

Covers start at just $60.00 and max out at $350.00. I can work with all price ranges. You can't beat that price.  

$10.00-1.25 Service Fee
$20.00-1.50 Service Fee
$30.00-2.00 Service Fee
$40.00-2.00 Service Fee
$50.00-2.25 Service Fee
$60.00-3.00 Service Fee
$70. 00-3.25 Service Fee
$80.00-3.50 Service Fee
$90.00-3.75 Service Fee
$100.00-4.00 Service Fee
Anything past $100.00 the fee can be discussed.

You will find my website at:

"I only do e-book covers. Not print. But you can order a print copy of the cover I make you. Cu does the print covers. So just let me know and we will add the service to your order. You will find info on Cu in the sidebar under print covers. "

What clients have to say about Carey's work...

"Carey Abbott has supplied me with several wonderful ebook covers. Working with her is always a breeze, she's prompt, professional and she works hard to ensure that I'm always fully satisfied with the finished product. I love seeing what she's able to create for me. Getting your cover right is so important and the covers Carey has made for me have been eye-catching, individual and very reasonably priced!"

Laylah Roberts

"Carey Abbott provided a beautiful cover for my e-book. She was professional, proficient, and timely with her work. With the information I provided, she knew exactly what type of image I would require. Furthermore, she included at least four or five images for my selection. I recommend her services because her work is professional and cost effective for authors who cannot afford to spend a great deal of money, but will receive the same type of covers as if they had."

Rachel E. Rice 

"When I was looking for a cover design for my debut novel, I found Carey’s site: E-Book Covers By Carey. I was impressed by the professional look of the site and decided to contact Carey about my cover needs. Carey was very professional and fun while we e-mailed back and forth deciding on the perfect cover. 

She first asked about the genre of my book and for a short synopsis to help her find the ideal cover. She also asked for my input along the way. Beginning with several photos, I was able to give my opinion on each and she continued from there until she found the ideal image and added the perfect font to finish my cover. 

I was completely happy with the cover. I have just purchased a second cover from Carey. It is still in my mystery genre, but very different from the first. I am thrilled with this new cover. I will be asking Carey to help me again in the near future to design another cover for the sequel to my debut novel. If you have any doubts about Carey’s ability or talent to create a perfect cover, try her services. She’ll work with you until you are happy. Thanks Carey"

Marianne Spitzer