Friday, October 10, 2014

Safari Heat Services

Safari Heat offers a multitude of services. We aim to be a one stop shop for authors on their journey to publications. Whether you are a seasoned author or a newbie just starting your career we have something for everyone. Lets talk about what Safari can do for you.

1. Editing- Finally finished your book? Well don't forget the importance of a good editor. Even bestselling authors need editors. The worst mistake a new author can make is thinking they don't need an editor. No author is that good.

2. Ebook Covers- As much as we would like to believe we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover that thought process could leave you with low sales. With all the books on sites like Amazon readers just don't take the time to read all the blurbs. So you have to catch them with a fantastic cover that jumps off the page. You would be surprised in the sales you can make with a cover that catches the reader's eye.

3. Social Media- Let's face it almost everyone is on Facebook, etc. Sales can really soar if you have good exposure on Social Media sites. So be sure and join as many as you can handle. But be sure and stay active on the sites. So limit them to whatever you can manage. We also do banners for FB, etc.

4. Reviews- I can't stress how important reviews are but you need honest reviews. Not fake reviews from friends and family. With Safari Heat you will get those honest reviews. We do not guarantee good reviews. These are honest reviews done by readers. But this is the best way to know where you need to make changes in you writing career.

5. Print Covers- Some may think print covers are not necessary because most readers read on a Kindle or some form of a tablet or their phone. But some still want the feel of a book in their hands. If you for go the print version of your book you may lose sales.

6. Website Design- Every author needs a great website. And I know most authors are lost when it comes to trying to design their own website. If you are creative enough to do it yourself then I say go for it. But for those of you that need some help I recommend you hire someone that knows what they are doing. This will take the headache out of the process. You will still have to get the content you want on the site to the designer but that is a simple enough task.

7. Blog Design- I won't go into this too much sense it is pretty much the same thought process as website design. You need a great blog to go with your website.

8. Formatting- This is another big one. You can do it yourself but hiring someone makes it easier on the author and insures it is done right. Bad formatting can lead to bad publicity. I see it all the time in reviews. It takes a lot of dedication to make the right impression and once you make a bad impression then it is too late to changes it. Your only course of action would be to take on a pen name and start from scratch which is a royal pain.

9. Advertise With Us- Advertising is very important. The more readers that see your book the more likely they are going to be to buy it. It is a proven fact that few readers buy a book the first time they see it but if they see it multiple times on different sites they are more likely to spend the money. So be sure and post your book on as many sites as you can. The more exposure the better.

We are having a sale on our services from Oct 9th-Oct 31st. 

Ebook Covers- Premade covers are buy one and get two free.
Personalized covers are $5.00 off.
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Social Media Banners- Banners are $3.00 off.
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Reviews- Reviews are always free.
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Print Covers-  Take $5.00 off print covers.

Blog Design- Blog Designs are $5.00 off.
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Advertise with us- Take $2.00 off each add you place.
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My team and I look forward to working with you all. Please feel free to share this post. Hope you are all having a great day!

Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake

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