Friday, June 13, 2014

Cover Art (Premades and Personalized) Advertisements, Blog and FaceBook Headers at Amazing Prices!!!

Time for another sale!!! Through June 25th.

Premade Covers
2 Premade Covers/$50.00
3 Premade Covers/$60.00
4 Premade Covers/$80.00
5 Premade Covers/$100.00
6 Premade Covers/$120.00
7 Premade Covers/$140.00
8 Premade Covers/$170.00

Personalized Covers
Personalized Covers 2 for $100.00
Personalized Covers 3 for $150.00
Personalized Covers 4 for $175.00

Advertise with us!
Get your book and a link in the side bar of Safari Heat.
Buy one month for $25.00 and get the third month free.

Premade Blog and Face Book Headers
On Sale for $30.00
Buy 2 at $30.00 and get one free

Personalized Blog or Face Book Headers
2 for $50.00
3 for $65.00

Please take the time to share the sale. 
And if you need any of the services above contact Carey at

I will only take orders through email. Please don't try to contact me through the blog. I may miss your comment. The email above is the best way to reach me. 

Have a great day,
Carey Abbott/Tabitha Blake

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